Top 10 Reasons to use a Property Manager

Many property owners are hesitant to hire a property manager because of the costs involved. However, we firmly believe that hiring a good property management company will actually make the owner more money in the long term. Additionally, we can dramatically reduce the stress and headaches often associated with being a landlord. How much is your sanity and time worth?
Here is how we do it:

  1. Maximizing rents: We will conduct a thorough market analysis to ensure we are striking the perfect balance between maximizing your monthly income while avoiding lengthy vacancy periods. Our expert staff is trained to remain nimble and can quickly adapt to changing market conditions.
  2. Timely handling of rental payments: We will collect and promptly disburse all rental proceeds. Our firm utilizes cutting edge technology that allows us to efficiently track, collect and disburse funds. This includes options for online ACH transactions on both the landlord and tenant(s) side of the transaction. Furthermore, you will receive a detailed statement each month and an annual statement for tax purposes.
  3. Placing the best possible tenants: We know how to find the best possible tenants for your property and can screen out potential tenants with bad history. Our online application process makes the screening process smooth and reliable. We will conduct a thorough background and credit check while verifying rental history and income.
  4. Maximum marketing exposure: We are able to attract a larger pool of applicants due to our extensive marketing/advertising and technological advantages. Many tenants actually prefer and will seek out properties that are professionally managed. Tenants are attracted to our online portal because it allows them to pay their rent with ease and make online maintenance requests.
  5. Increased care of the property: Our staff is available to handle maintenance or repairs issues 24/7. We perform regular “drive by” inspections and will inspect the interior of each property at least one time per year. Based on these inspections we will recommend certain proactive repairs to avoid more costly repairs down the road.
  6. Tenant Management: Our firm will serve as a buffer between owners and tenants. This allows owners to keep a professional distance from their tenants. Getting too personally involved can result in being too lenient or too defensive. We are accustomed to handling all types of situations and personality types.
  7. Vendor Management: We have an extensive database of reliable vendors that have been vetted for both quality and cost. Our firm will oversee any necessary repairs to ensure timely completion.
  8. Ensuring compliance with housing laws: We know the law and can help owners avoid legal hassles. Our firm also has working relationships with various housing authorities for owners that would like to open up their investment to affordable housing programs.
  9. Allowing owners to invest across markets and territories: Our firm can allow you to invest in markets that you wouldn’t otherwise consider due to the distance from your personal residence.
  10. Maximizing your time: We will free up your time allowing you to spend more time doing what you like. This could include spending more time identifying additional investment opportunities!