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While uncommon, when a tenant can’t make good on their original lease, it can be costly for everyone involved.  Most property management companies will charge you another leasing fee, but we do not feel this is fair. It’s our job to find you solid, long term tenants and we will back that up with our Long Term Tenant Guarantee. If your tenant does not fulfill their original lease term, we will re-lease the property for Free.


We understand that your rental property is a business and no business can operate if it’s not financially successful.  We are focused on reducing your unnecessary costs and maintaining your profitability. In the Landlord business, repairs and maintenance are part of property ownership, but that doesn’t mean you should be blindsided by unexpected expenses or pay for large repairs you didn’t approve.

  • Repairs greater than $350 you will receive an email notice of the upcoming expense so you can prepare, and in most cases we will not move forward without your permission.

* This does not apply to emergencies or habitability situations. See Property Management Agreement for details.


You want results. We want results, which is why we get paid only when we perform. We don’t collect fees while you get stuck with all the bills. Tenant didn’t pay rent? No monthly management fee. Property is still vacant? No leasing fee or monthly management fee.


Your happiness means everything to us. We believe every month we must earn your business. If we don’t, you can cancel any time at no cost to you.  See management plans for details.